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Fanfiction is sorta weird to me. But like... I get it. I read a shit ton of it. Most of it is bad. But when you find a fanfic that’s good it’s really good. Enjoy some if my favorite Ao3 quotes.

Passion Quotes

He said nothing. Did nothing. Was nothing. Nothingness could not be touched. Nothingness could not be hurt. Nothingness was fearless, boundless. - SpangleBangle, "Trust Fall (And Welcoming Arms)"

The feeling was fading now alright, a rapid comedown from the overwhelming rush of confusion and rage and hatred and self-loathing and panic, all those wonderful things, the strongest echoes from the usual silence. - SpangleBangle, "Trust Fall (And Welcoming Arms)"

Neil’s always thought the real measure of someone is how long you could stand to remain in silence with them without feeling uncomfortable. - allyasavedtheday, "And We'll Be Running"

"Rules made by a moronic dictator are not a basis for declaring something evil." - sorbriquette, "Not Really”

It wasn't a very good last word. It never is when it's mine. But I take solace in the fact that I still got the last word. - sorbriquette, "Night After Night"

Now all we need is for those fools (the adults, the ones meant to be dealing with all of this) to stay out of our way. - andonewillbringhisfall, "Deepest Darkest Secret”

“When I was younger, she used to say that you can only see the stars in the loneliest of places. That if you can see them all, you are truly alone.” - inthesea, "light fires at night (to push back the void)"

“Having two equally shitty options is not a choice. You were just a pawn and the game was rigged.” - inthesea, "light fires at night (to push back the void)"

Too much time has always been the noose that Neil tries to hang himself with. - badacts, "missed call”

It doesn’t matter how accustomed you get to helplessness. It’s still awful. - badacts, "until i see the light"

This is him out of control. This is him trapped between apathy and the kind of hurt he can only do to himself, locked inside his own head. This is him, feeling nothing. Or, this is him, feeling pain. It gets hard to distinguish between the two. - badacts, "until i see the light"

Neil had said to Andrew months ago please isn’t a pretty word for people like us. There was something sickening in knowing the person asking you to say it had no intention of actually relenting, that they were so intent on hurting you it didn’t matter what you said. - badacts, "a switchblade is my preferred weapon"

“Are you scared of heights?” “It’s not the heights, it’s the falling,” said Andrew. “And the higher you go, the worse the fall.” - crazy_like_a, "Creatures We Find in the Forest"

“If you were bleeding out in the ocean, wouldn't you swim into a cage to avoid a shark?” - crazy_like_a, "The Unkindness of Ravens"

It was easier said than done. Not thinking about things was a careful balancing act he'd taught himself over the years. His mind was an acrobat, tiptoeing across the high wire and trying not to fall into the festering pit below. - crazy_like_a, "The Unkindness of Ravens”

“I feel like I’m so weighed down by the expectations and implications of whatever I choose that I’m trapped. Like I’m locked in a box, and I’m just waiting for someone to open it.” - BasicBathsheba, breadofgod, "Local Hero"

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