Merely Mortal
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yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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Swords and clobbering fists and all.

Merely Mortal

"Warrior in training? I'm not a warrior nor am I training to become one! What kind of occultist stuff is this!?"

I barely signed up to go on this stupid quest but I certainly did not sign up to be a 'warrior.'

Benny just gives me this sheepish smile. "Well... humans are kinda... in a sense... unsteady? Does that make sense?"

"He's trying to tell you that you have no talents and you're weak."

"Uhh... in lighter terms, yes?"

So he's gonna force me to become this crazy warrior figure. Swords and clobbering fists and all. Great. I really did not ask for this. Thanks grandma.

Thanks for your stupid goddamn earings and their magical goddamn stone.

A big hand curls around my tiny bicep. In all her green glory is the orc herself. Veda looks down at me through her thick rimmed glasses.

"Don't worry, I can help you out."

Oh boy, this is gonna be hell.

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