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yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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Carlos said it with a smirk and a hand still on her head.


She remembers when she was little and her mother told her, “Never do that.” They were at the neighborhood pool and a group of teenagers were playing chicken. Just a tangle of bodies on top of eachother and colliding. Of course, as a 17 year old girl who prided herself on a defiant streak and distaste for parents, she had to break that old rule.

Maybe it was the rebellion of it that made chicken fun. Or it could’ve been the lanky boy sitting on top of her shoulders. Either way. The water seemed to reflect the sun far brighter than it ever had before.

The laughing and the chaos. She couldn’t quite understand why she liked it when body parts harshly collided underneath the water. Didn’t know why she really wanted to be the person holding another up. But it was fucking fun and that’s all that mattered.

It was especially fun when Carlos went crashing down from above and on top of her. They both broke the surface of the pool with giggles. As Evelyn tried to pull her wet hair out of her eyes another hand swiftly pushed the strands away. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

“You’re strong.” Carlos said it with a smirk and a hand still on her head.

If after dark when everyone was drying off with their towels, and they were still kissing like horribly desperate teenagers then no one seemed to notice.

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