Namjin forced to be married Episode 1
Namjin forced to be married Episode 1
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yoonmin028 Hi i hope i can entertain all of you ppl
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Jin is gonna marry a mafia boss what will Jin think

Namjin forced to be married Episode 1

JIN my father yelled. What I yelled. Come here he yelled. Hold on I yelled because I was changing and only putted a hoodie and underwear on I still needed my pants.

WHATEVER YOUR WEARING IS FINE GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE my father yelled. Ughh I said and went down. there was a unfamiliar handsome man there.

Yes I looked at my father. Meet my boss Kim namjoon he is my friends son. And I said annoyed. Your gonna be married to him he said happy. I looked upset cause I didn’t agree to this. THERE IS NO WAY IM MARRYING HIM I yelled.

SON, I’m so sorry about him mr kim. you can change your mind my dad said. Ye- I got cut off. No I want to marry him I want him at my house, tonight he smirked at me. I looked at him upset. It’s settled then Jin pack your bags my dad said.

NAMJOONS POV When I saw this young teen boy. I wanted him to myself and he’s only gonna be mine.

I was so upset. I was packing and I went with this total stranger I just met. When we got there. it was the most gorgeous mansion. I have ever seen. I went with him inside. Hey um What’s your name he asked me and got closer to me. Kim seokjin I said scared cause he just trapped me.

With his muscled arms. You got something right there. Namjoon said. I looked at him in the eyes and then he kissed me. And I have no idea why but I kissed back and then someone opened the door...............TO BE CONTINUED


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