Namjin Forced to be married episode 2
Namjin Forced to be married episode 2  bts stories

yoonmin028 Hi i hope i can entertain all of you ppl
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Yay episode comment if you want more see ya my yoonyoonminmins

Namjin Forced to be married episode 2

Jins pov Someone bursted into the room. I quickly stopped and I looked. There were 5 Handsome men there. Um who is this a guy. With mint green hair. Asked

He is my Toy guys so don’t try to touch MIN YOONGI he said. I looked and I saw too men. Hi I’m Jimin and this is Jeon Jungkook. Hi Jungkook said happy. Umm I backed away shyly. Oh no he is shy JEON JUNGKOOK WHAT THE DID YOU DO TO HIM Jimin said unhappy

UGH ME Jungkook said. I looked at those too they kept arguing and I flinched when someone touched my broad shoulders. Don’t worry about them they always Fight a handsome guy with a boxy smile said. I looked at Kim Namjoon he looked upset.

Kim Taehyung don’t touch him bring him to me Namjoon said upset. Yesh Namjoon I’m just tell- he got cut of by Kim Namjoon. Hi I’m your hope your my hope I’m J-Hope real name Jung hoseok. I waved. And Namjoon took me. Rule 1 Don’t talk to my brothers rule 2 don’t go near anyone but me.

Not even my dad? I said sadly not even your dad he said. Rule 3 call me master. rule 4 don’t let my annoying brothers touch you. And lastly rule 5 Don’t obey them only obey me got it He said. Yes I said annoyed. What!! He yelled flinched. Yes master I said scared. Good he said with a evil smile.

He left me in a cold dark basement just with a blow up mattress. And a thin blanket and a collie around me. I was tied to the wall and a water bowl. Then someone opened the door. DAD I yelled. SON my dad said shocked seeing me leashes to the wall.

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