Oh, My Stars
Oh, My Stars dark stories

yolandakarou Community member
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Oh, My Stars

It 's dark here, almost asphyxiating. All I have is the sound of my breath letting me know I'm alive. But something happened.

An unfamiliar noise, a strange and foreign presence. Soft, and warm.

Alone. That's what I had been all this time. Alone. That's what you never made me feel like.

Together. We conquered islands of anxiety and seas of salty tears. Together. We created new life.

They were blinding. They were beautiful. They were all the warmth you had left.

As you held one, I held the other. You uttered your last words, "Oh, my stars."

We were all together. If only for an instance. Your color faded. You were still soft, but cold.

Now, we're alone. Together, without you. As they shine splendidly, I only hope for one thing.

That I was one of your stars.

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