Fireflies (Prologue)
Fireflies (Prologue) romance stories

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Arine found out from her parents that they were going to leave her with her grandparents back in their province in Aurora. Not that Arine hesitated (as much as she hated her parents for leaving her), but her grandparents are actually closer to her than her own parents.

After she moved in, she wandered around the forest behind her new 'home' only to find herself getting lost, making her life change in just a vital mistake. Behind her life back in the city, she was totally lost in reality- in the forest, and life.

"Who are you?" A boy with green eyes asked.


Fireflies (Prologue)

Most of the time in stories, country girls are likely to transfer to the city. People, then, would make fun of her. People would bully her style of clothing as if she was a country bumpkin.

Nobody would dare to come talk to her or even befriend her. People thought she was weird.

Then eventually, their prince will be the reason for her to change, not only by appearance, but also her heart.

Then they'll both fall in love.

How romantic, right?

Well, my life didn't happen like that.

I tried persuading my parents but I only received the biggest 'NO' in my life.

I don't know if they don't trust me enough but I'm sure that they only did this decision because they cared for me.

But then again, why would my parents leave me? Oh yeah, work.

Somehow, I was lost.

Lost in reality.

But for some reason, someone guided me back.

A lot of things happened where I got lost, was found, got lost again, but I found my way back. However...... I wished I was lost forever.

That's when I thought that I don't want to return anymore.

But I can't.

I have no choice.

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