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Just this once, answer me

Last Question

by yangdelosreyes

Can I ask one last question, love? I know that we're already over I know what we couldn't have But why does your memories still linger?

You have abandoned us Without so much of a backward glance When I've begged for another chance Why did you give up on us?

You packed your bags with my heart Your goodbye stung like poison dart Stay, I am willing to give everything And so, you left me with nothing

See, love, I was so confused I know that our time has been used But I can still hear your laughter Is this relationship really over?

Because I can still feel you here Your silly songs I can still hear And I can still feel your presence near But why are you not here?

It was exquisitely, terribly painful To live with our memories And hope that we'd be a good story All this time, have I been just a fool?

Don't dare blame me for this They said at the bottom of a bottle I'd find again our happiness But why am I still alone on this battle?

I'm sorry, sorry for bothering you I tried to tell in my daydreams of you I tried to ask in our nightmares too But why are there no answers from you?

I'm really sorry, nostalgia had insisted It was better when we were together I could not disagree any better But if that's it, why did we separated?

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