The Flaws in Love
The Flaws in Love becca stories

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Love had always have many different meanings; there are obviously different ways of being in love. Literal meaning: 'a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.'

Love can be pleasant and sometimes, it can be simply painful. So, what happens when Rebecca Hayes faces the broken family she loves, a co-worker she's been head over heels for two years, and a CEO she never knew she'd fall for?

The Flaws in Love

by xxmusicloverxx0

Call her Rebecca, she'll hurt you.

Give her your attention, she'll love you. But treat her like crap, she'll hate you.

Respect him, he'll acknowledge you.

Become his enemy, he'll make you life a living hell. Try become his friend, you're dead.

"You're scared aren't you?"

"What?" Hunter slowly turned his head to look at me with accusing eyes.

"You are afraid of opening your self up only to be hurt. It's your parents that has affected you. The way how you see life, love; everything. "

"Under all that cold, ruthless demeanor...

is fear...."

"The fear of love."

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