The Man
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xxedgytoastxx I write horror or love story's
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In a world were everyone is food, He finds prey and will find a way to feast and enjoy his prey

The Man

He awoke hungry his body was almost gone, he ate his legs, the only thing left was his bones he looked at his arms.

Not much meat left he would have to find something and fast or he'll die a slow and painful death.

He crawled from his dark homeland crawled and crawled through the brush until in an open field below sat a mother and child lost.

The child was crying so they would be easy pickings, as he laid above them he talked in a raspy voice to trick his prey he called out to them.

If they closed their eyes he could save them from dying, scared and confused they listened to him, he aimed a rock towards the kids head and a bigger rock for the mother,

he could eat the kid in front of the mother.

Yes he hit both of them the child's head bleed onto the grass staining it with red, as the man jumped down onto his stomach not hurting him as much as it should have.

He tied the mother to a tree nearby and started to wait for her to awake, he looked over the dead girl must have been twelve or thirteen he saw her eyes open as his smile grew.

He started to move his tongue all over the girl shoving it deep in her mouth making the mother watch, then going down her naked body and to her tits sucking and licking them in front of her.

He went down into her pussy moving her body so the mother was forced to watch every second of it. Her little girl getting played with then eaten.

She screamed with tears as she tried everything to stop him but he continued as he laughed,

he said after messing with the girl that she's going to be next and that he isn't planning to kill her when he uses her.

The mother crying falling as he slowly started to eat the little girl's flesh it tasted so good, especially after he made her his plaything.

The mother vomited over and over watching this mad man eat her daughter.

He looked up at her and started to crawl towards her and he started to pull out his dick shoving it deep into her mouth, he cummed almost instantly making her drink it.

Then he ripped her pants off and shoving his dick hard into her pussy, as he raped her, moans came from her and they both cummed.

He continued until she was overflowing with the cum he then shoved it in her ass since it was tighter and continued to pump cum into her.

Until her stomach was so big it ripped open her body splitting like a watermelon.

He laughed as he started to chow down on what was given to him he put a hole in her head and skull fucked her brains with cum.

First time writing something like this, if anyone wants more of this I will.

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