Pushed Away
Pushed Away depression stories

xoshadow♡ Girl ♡ 14 year old ♡ Denmark ♡
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Pushed Away

Enjoy! by xoshadow

I want to be brave.

I want to be smart.

I want to be saved.

I want a new start.

I'm constantly being pushed,

Pushed to the edge.

Knock me down, now I'm crushed.

I'm falling over the ledge.

People tell me it's going to be all right,

But how much longer do I have to fight?

I know I have a purpose in life,

But how do I reach it when I'm trapped?

Nothing to do but wish into the night.

When I ask,

it's never too far from being denied.

Save me or join me;

just don't say no.

I promise I won't let you go.

We're not too far behind now.

A little further up is where our future lies.

Change is something I want to allow.

From here on now, all I'll do is rise.


I need the faith.


I need the strength.

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