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xoshadow♡ Girl ♡ 14 year old ♡ Denmark ♡
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Friends Always

Enjoy! By XOShadow

A best friend

Is not a "just a friend"

But also like your soul

and stays with you

and takes risks with you,

with every step of your roles,

Someone to share deeper inner secrets with,

someone to cry on when you're in doubt,

someone whom you can depend on,

and never judge you

for your mistakes.

Everyone needs at least

one best friend,

even those who show no pain,

because it hurts to hold it all in,

even on a rainy day,

A true friend is not just a friend,

but like a guardian angel from above,

one who looks after you,

as the rest give up and run.

A best friend is also like a mother,

who shows you guidance along the way,

who'll pick you up

when you fall,

and when you cause yourself pain.

Who'll do anything for you,

no matter what becomes in the way,

So don't be afraid to find one,

as you'll soon see a true one,

someone who'll do the same

for you,

as you would do for them.

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