The Truth Untold -Nancy Grace
The Truth Untold
-Nancy Grace 
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inspired by the legend of the smeraldo flower.

A poem of a hidden truth that will never be told because of “ugliness”

The Truth Untold -Nancy Grace

I’m trapped alone inside the garden A garden that no one visits

My face probably scared them all away I hide my ugly face behind a mask

For the first time in a while Someone is inside the garden Holding a basket filled with flowers

I see you standing there With the most charming smile That I’ve ever seen

How is it that you’re so beautiful I want to go hold your hand I want to speak to you

My voice won’t come out I’m scared to reveal myself Scared of what you might think of me Scared that you will never come back

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that I didn’t know that one day It would come true

I waited for you to come back To see this beautiful flower

The flower that I grew just for you The flower that represents my feelings for you The flower that is as beautiful as you Is waiting to be picked

I haven’t seen you for a while Did you get tired of this place?

Because I’m selfish And only think about my happiness

I didn’t realize that you’ve left this world The flower I grew for you withered

Looking at the flower made me realized That I should have came out to greet you

I should have shook your hand I should have gave you the flowers myself

However, the truth will remain untold Because you are no longer here

To hear what I should have said When you were here.

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