Be My Forever
Be My Forever
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Be My Forever

By Nirvana Nightingale

how you met me that summer day

still lingers through my mind

You and I by the waterside

how I blushed as I saw deep into those starry eyes

how our heart beats resonated and collide

oh you were just my type

can't help feel nostalgia cross through my mind

if I said I never felt so special that would have been a lie

and I don't wanna let this feeling die

with you standing there

looking at me as if you are by my side

how beautiful is the love that your eyes hide

when I'm with you,

I don't need to think twice

I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride

the super-cut of us that plays in my mind

and in the end, I see myself as your bride

and see us together till the day we die

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