Red Flags I Should've Noticed
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xgelatinex Secretly writing about her feelings. Shh
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I was a naive girl who loved playing in the snow. You were a blizzard.

Red Flags I Should've Noticed

Red Flag #1:

I saw you for the first time. Your angelic voice lit up my insides as you said "Hi". And though I saw myself caught in your teeth, my love for you did not falter.

Red Flag #2:

From where I was standing, I felt how cold your heart was. I was the naive girl who loved to play in the snow. You were a blizzard.

Red Flag #3:

You approach my frail body with the confidence a King. My already bruised heart tries to fix itself upon hearing your name. My soul sings for your pleasure. You conquered me.

Red Flag #4:

Your eyes were brighter than the stars that keep me company whenever insomnia visits. They blinded me from the fact that you were made of burning gas and I was this lonely ice cube.

Already melting and without a care in the world.

Red Flag #5:

Your touch felt like fire. Your eyes devoid of compassion. Your words still haunts me to this day and how you say them with such confidence. You believe you own lies.

Red Flag #6:

You were too addicting that my fruitless attempts on quitting you just makes everything worse. You were too sweet that I ended up having cavities, holes that were near impossible to fill.

Red Flag #7:

Your voice quickly became my compass in walking through the darkest of night. It became too late when I realized that YOU were the darkness and I was walking in circles.

Caught in a torturous cycle of a one-sided love.

Red Flag #8:

Whenever I see you walk down towards me now, the butterflies that were once fluttering in my stomach were replaced by bats with their deafening wings flapping over my head.

The feeling of love that once took over my body was replaced by fear that flowed all the way to my soul and I couldn't do anything about it.

So now, I faintly wave my White tainted Flag in hopes that by doing this, I'll be able surrender all the happy thoughts, all the sad memories, and the love I once felt for you...

Still feel for you.

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