An Ode To The First One
An Ode To The First One poem stories
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xgelatinex Secretly writing about her feelings. Shh
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An Ode To The First One

If there were a Valentine's Day, first-time-in-a-relationship version of the game Never Have I Ever and for some god forsaken reason I am forced to play

I hope you don't get weirded out or run to the mountains when I put down a finger to "Never Have I Ever Had Anyone" because

I've never had anyone tell me they love me before I've never had anyone tell me they need me Never had anyone period

I wouldn't know how to react so please be patient with me Don't take it as a negative reaction when I respond with Thank you to your I Love You Because I really am thankful to have you

All of this is new territory for me You've crossed the border Somehow broke down the walls I've built for years and years of being exposed to love starting and ending in one continuous sentence

So expect the barbed wire wrapped around my heart to be very sharp and hard to remove Kindly help me with it please

I wouldn't know what to do with the love you'd offer Wouldn't have the slightest idea why you need me Wouldn't know why you'd want me

But somehow I know that when I see you with that gorgeous smile and those bright eyes,

I've never had anyone tell me they love me before but I know that I'll love you too like I always had Like I always would

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