Is It Okay
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xavi Trying to figure it out
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About a girl...

Is It Okay

Is it okay if I make you smile?

If I do it enough maybe you'll stay for a while

Is it okay if we spend time?

Doing nothing, doing everything, with you by my side?

Is it okay if I write you this poem?

I don't want to be too forward but I don't want you to be going.

Is it okay if we smoke?

Laughing, listening, talking about nothing, making fun if you choke?

Is it okay if we drink?

Fucking, cuddling, you laying on my chest, hearing it beat.

Is it okay if I take your hand?

Is it okay if I become your man?

Is it okay if I open my heart?

If I do that can you do the same, share the part?

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