in my carcasses
in my carcasses stories
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xara here lies me, bare
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in my carcasses

by xara

there will rest

a beasts skeleton

talons and claws

the bones scratched scarred ruined

it will tell the tale

of the child

who knew nothing but hate

for the entirety of her life

it will speak of me

dying and screaming thrashing and hurting

it will speak of the beast the monster

who ravaged her own home

that there was once a girl

sweet and quiet, loved and she wasn't content

with the little flashes of life

wanted more craved more wanted the whole movie than just shots

wanted the

mountains and the stars

to bow down

before her, so in her wake

she left carcasses

and bones and souls and years decades a century

in dust

but it was her own heart

which took her in the end

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