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What writing means to me.

Writing, To Me

by wulfish

Writing to me,

Is fighting a battle, no one else sees. A war of poetry and sanity

Writing is Swearing

Up, down and around That love is just a conspiracy theory

Strung together by misplaced neurochemicals

Only to find yourself swallowing line after line.

As you sit in a tin foil hat

Waiting on a sign from a small digital device

“They wore the shirt I got them out last night” “It must mean they miss me”

Writing is finding harbor in the storm

That second under the overpass When the pounding rain gives way to booming silence

Someone that can make you smile

Just by saying your name

Noticing the way the skin around their eyes wrinkle As they laugh at the things you say

Writing is seeing your storm

In their eyes

Their safe harbor, now threatened by your storm

Once bright flames, flickering in the wind

Writing is pouring over regurgitated metaphors and hyperbole

Trying to remember what it felt like

Not to have feelings at all

Writing is remembering the way things faded

No matter how hard you try to forget

It's that voice screaming in the back of your head:

“You knew how this would end”

Writing is remembering exactly what made them special

That you couldn’t forget if you tried

Useless scraps of prose

Of a book, you’ll never write

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