Tomorrow It Rains: Part 3
Tomorrow It Rains: Part 3 teens stories

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Tomorrow It Rains: Part Three. Please read Part One and Two first.

Tomorrow It Rains: Part 3

The young girl remained emotionless, as the chains fell to the ground. “Your free now,” I said, as I gave her the rest of my candy bar.

“Thank you,” the child said in little more than a murmur.

“We need to find a way out of here,” Dad said, “this torch has just about had it. Look around for anything that we can use as a weapon.”

I walked around the room, looking for anything that might be able to help us overpower the clan, but there was nothing but bones and corpses. “There is nothing here,” I said in a panic.

Dad walked over to one of the stiffs that had rotted down to the bone, and pressed his foot down on the skeletal arm, pulling back until it broke free from the rest of the body.

“It’s not the best weapon, but its sharp and hard,” Dad said.

“Listen,” I said.

“What is it?” Dad asked.

“It’s quiet,” I said, “I don’t hear any footsteps. I say we escape the same way we came down.”

“They could just be sleeping, Rabbit, we can’t take any chances. If they hear us breaking out, then we might not have a second chance at getting out of here alive.”

“We have to do something,” I said, “we can’t just wait for them to come back down here and slaughter us one by one.”

“Fine,” Dad said, “I’ll try to open the hatch.”

Dad tightened his grip around the bone, as he treaded lightly up the stairs. He walked to the top of the steps and pressed his ear to the door.

“Do you hear anything?” I asked.

He shook his head and then pushed his shoulder against the door, letting out a loud creak.

The wood started to crack and moan, and just when I started to feel that the whole situation was futile, the door popped off its hinges, as pieces fell to the floor.

I wanted to scream with excitement, but I knew that we were not free yet. Dad peaked his head out into the cabin and then waved at us to come up.

“Come on,” I said to the child, “we are getting out of here.” She shook her head and started to wrap the chains around herself.

“No, you're free, they won’t hurt you, but you need to come with us, now,” I said, as I grabbed the girl by the arm.

“Come on, Rabbit, we don’t have time for this -- we need to leave right now.”

“I can’t just leave her here, Dad… she is scared.”

“I understand that,” Dad said, “but my obligations are not to that child, but to you, and right now that’s all that matters to me.”

“I won’t leave her,” I said, as I stared back at the child.

“Dammit, Rabbit, we need to go. We don’t have anything to give that child.”

I grabbed the girl by the arm and started to yank her towards me, but she resisted and let out a high pitch scream.

“Dammit,” Dad scowled, as he scurried down the steps. He ran past me and put his hand over the child’s mouth, before piercing the sharp end of the bone into her throat.

The child’s eyes widened, as her body went limp and collapsed to the floor. I was horrified, and turned my head and vomited. I couldn’t believe what I just saw my father do.

There was madness in his eyes, as his breathing became more heavy. I was afraid of my father for the first time in my life.

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