The Boy Who Painted Dreams
The Boy Who Painted Dreams short stories

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Little Andrew Dumpling, was a sad and lonely child, because he had no friends to play with, and therefore wouldn’t smile. He dreamt of one day exploring, both big worlds and small, but mommy wouldn’t let him,

The Boy Who Painted Dreams

Little Andrew Dumpling was a sad and lonely child, who had no friends to play with and therefore wouldn’t smile. He dreamt of one day exploring, both big worlds and small, but Mommy wouldn’t let him, so he had no fun at all

He went to bed lonely and dreamt of a day, when he would be older and allowed to fly away.

He didn’t know how, or when things would change, but little Andrew Dumpling, found it quite strange, that all of his life, he was stuck in this house, when all that he wanted, was a way to get out.

Later that night, while still counting sheep, a magical fairy, awoke him up from his sleep.

She whispered his name like wind through a tree, and grabbed his small hand and said, “come follow me.”

Andrew walked to the window and without even a plan, he leapt from the window, to discovery a land.

A land like no other, that’s what the Fairy said, but it better be worth it, since she woke him from bed.

So this was the time, there was no turning back, so he ran towards his dreams and never looked back.

He didn’t wake mom, to kiss her goodbye, because to a six-year-old boy, it’s more important to fly.

Saying farewell to his city and home, Andrew Dumpling left for a world to face on his own.

He wasn’t afraid, as he stepped off the cliff, because he was carried away, by a great big wind drift.

The winds took him down through a giant sea cloud, and spitted him out with a sound that was loud. He fell to the ground, where it was perfectly clear, that home was somewhere, but nowhere near here.

There were dragons that danced above his small head, and Andrew was scared and longed for his bed. “I want to go home,” he said with such fright, but something then happened, that changed the whole night.

He found himself sailing, to the moon and the sea, to discover a place, he always longed to be. The moon was so bright, as it lit up the night, and guided his path so he wouldn’t lose sight.

When he got to the moon, he was bored as could be, because he said to himself, “there’s no one like me.”

“Where are the kids? I haven’t a clue?” In a place that’s so big, with nothing to do.

So he stood there and waited, forever it seemed, and begged for the fairy, to wake him up from his dream.

“I want to go home, there is nothing to do,” but the fairy just said, “I have other plans for you.” “So don’t be afraid, just sit and have fun, we have places to go, for the night is still young."

Andrew awoke to a colorful scene, with shades of pink, deep blue, and lime green. Alone once again, Andrew there stood, under a tree, that wasn’t quite wood.

The tree was carved out of chocolate, and Andrew couldn’t resist, so he took a big bite, as big as his fist.

His stomach then churned, from the left, then the right, and Andrew cried out, “let’s call it a night.”

The clouds became grey, and the sky turned to black, as six hungry creatures waited to attack. “I want to go home,” Andrew did say, “I seen quite enough, to last for one day."

“This crazy odd world is not meant for me, so send be back home, and let me be free.”

Andrew awoke, safe in his bed, was it all just a dream, or inside his head? There’s no place like home, he quietly peeped, then closed his eyes, and fell back to sleep.

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