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She walks alone this morning, just as she does every day.

Today Is Different

She walks alone this morning,

Just as she does every day.

She goes to a place,

A place that she's told should be fun.

For some, it's a place to learn.

For her, it's a constant hell.

A place where she doesn't fit in,

A place where she doesn't belong.

Everywhere she turns,

It seems like someone is making a face,

Telling a cruel joke,

Or staring at her with a disapproving glare.

She walks through the hallways alone,

Just as she does every day.

She keeps her head down to avoid the stares,

She keeps her earbuds in to avoid the name-calling and insults.

Partner work is a nightmare,

Lunch is a lonely ordeal.

However, today is different.

While eating alone,

As she does every day,

A boy comes over to her.

Sitting down, he starts up a conversation.

She can't believe her eyes.

After making sure that his voice is for her,

She begins to listen.

She doesn't talk much,

But a smile still stays on the boy's face.

She slowly smiles for the first time in ages,

A feeling so foreign that she had forgotten it.

She walks home from school with a friend this afternoon,

And now the bully's words don't mean as much anymore.

Today is different.

~~~Quick Author's Note~~~

If you ever see someone that seems lonely or upset, be a friend and say hello. It just might make their day. Fight hate with love, and be kind to everyone you meet. Thank you for reading!

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