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This world is full of beauty, a beauty I want to see.

Through The Window

This world is full of beauty,

A beauty I want to see.

However, from this small room,

I am limited.

I have only a single window claiming to show enough.

I can see the sky, but not the sunset's colors.

I can see the grass, but not the intricate clovers.

In view is a single tree, a symbol of time.

Watching the leaves grow and die as I type away.

This world is full of beauty,

But I cannot see it.

I'm not ready for the sunsets, for the mountains, for the oceans.

Instead, I explore a different world.

A world of words given voice in my mind,

Leaving the limits of the reality outside the window.

I explore the overwhelming endless land,

A screen sitting in front of me.

A rectangle screen that carries the world,

Allowing me to forget about the tree outside the window.

I shall remain here.

I am not strong enough to climb mountains.

I am not smart enough to understand sunsets.

I am not brave enough to swim through oceans.

I am not an explorer of the world.

I am merely an explorer of words,

Using my given ability to watch sentences flow,

I shall explore them while the world waits outside the window.

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