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You were born a jewel.

Teen Anthem

You were born a jewel.

Beautiful like the rest, pure of heart and soul.

But you're older now, and you've gone through a lot already.

No one seems to see how you hurt.

Because you're too young to be listened to but too old to be cared for.

Suddenly you don't feel like a jewel anymore.

Because the rest aren't like you anymore.

Some of them grew above and beyond anything you could ever be,

Others fell, crashed, and crumbled down paths you're too afraid to take.

No one is on the same playing field anymore.

So, everyone scrambled to tell you that "difference" wasn't the bad guy despite that very lesson being burned into your mind.

"Stay in line, don't stray away."

It was all you knew, and suddenly those rules are ripped away.

"Find your own path, go on your own journey."

Suddenly the freedom you wanted isn't so desirable anymore,

And you're desperately hoping for a path.

But no one presents one.

And suddenly, you can't look in the mirror anymore.

You start to hate what you've become.

No one listened, no one heard a single thing you said.

Because when Mama stops telling you that you're beautiful,

And teachers stop saying that you've got skill,

The only one you have to rely on is you.

And to you, you're not enough.

But you are enough.

It is hard to understand, but you are enough.

You know your own path enough to validate it.

And if you have no path, do not be afraid.

Life is not built to be a followed road.

It's okay.

You're still a jewel.

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