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A poem about elements.


Starting with w a t e r,

Tears strolling down cheeks.

The l i g h t of a phone screen

Screaming two AM.

Letters running with red lines flying beneath them,

Power in every word.

Then with natural light comes l e a d,

Tapping on wordless paper,

Staring into a wall of nothing.

A blank mind and dreary eyes,

Only thinking when not allowed,

Only creative when desperate.

Thinking back to the n e o n of the letters,

Hidden in a passcode.

After staring at trees and prompts, feeling nothing,

Give in to the dark.

I r o n fists slam into a head that cannot think,

Words never written.

A heart of c o p p e r can build nothing alive,

A soul of b r a s s cannot feel.

But then,

After giving in,

The night returns,

And answers are found again in sadness.

They feel meaningless,

Like p y r i t e,

Fake and hollow.

Still, it's all that can be found,

So the twinge of desperation allows letting go.

Releasing the words,

Fear tears like spikes of s t e e l.

But then,

To everyone else,

Words thought to be nothing were something.

To you all, my words were g o l d.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for making me mean something.

Author's Note

I hope you like this poem! I know it's a bit strange and weirdly written, but I had fun making it. Thanks for reading!- Kitty

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