It Will Never Leave
It Will Never Leave remorse stories

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This poem is different from the ones I usually write, I hope you enjoy it anyway!

It Will Never Leave

Though she lost her reason to live,

She's still alive and her body thrives.

Oh, she is painfully alive.

But life isn't the same when you're in pain,

And the world laughs as her brain drives her insane.

Does she feel no remorse for what she threw away?

Does she feel no sorrow for her mind that's decayed?

I think she still thinks this is all for nothing,

Refusing to believe that life means something.

Does she not feel sorry for treating herself like a pawn?

Does she not regret refusing to hang on?

Maybe she does feel this guilt,

But her mind has yet to be rebuilt.

There's nothing left but pieces of her thoughts,

As she convinced herself that destroying them would somehow connect unconnected dots.

But in reality, she's just getting sicker,

And the oil she's stuck in is only getting thicker.

Cause this remorse, this shame for giving up...

It will never leave her.

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