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I know I've made poems similar to this one, but it's still such an important topic. Thank you all so much for the support on my poetry!

Imperfectly Perfect

They say that the world has no rules.

"Do what you want! Who cares about what people think?"

We'd all like to think that we live in the mentality of

We'd all like to think that we live in the mentality of "I am imperfectly perfect."

However, we all follow unspoken guidelines.

No one mentions them,

But we know that they're there.

Unspoken rules on what to wear,

What to eat,

How to live.

However, the worst part isn't just these guidelines,

But how they contradict each other.

You're either wearing too much make-up,

Or not enough.

"No one likes a smart girl," they say.

"But if you're not smart enough, boys won't love you," they say.

"Grow up and man up," they say.

"But have some emotions for god's sake," they say,

As they yell at you for shedding tears.

Unspoken rule after rule.

They'll tell us,

"It's okay to be gay."

As they spit on innocent people in love.

"Race and ethnicity don't matter," they say,

As they close their doors to anyone who doesn't look like them.

The rules of society say "be pretty on the outside and let your insides rot."

As long as you keep up with the fashion trends,

It doesn't matter if you treat everyone like dirt.

So many rules,

Rules that hurt us.

"It's okay to be mentally ill," they say,

While telling their children that "it's just a phase."

We will wear what we want.

We will love who we want.

We will be who we are.

Rules are meant to be broken.

In the end,

In the end, It's okay to not be perfect.

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