I Was Too Late
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I know it's real.

I Was Too Late

I know it's real.

I find it a little embarrassing that I didn't know at first,

Caught up in clouds of confusion.

My head was swirling, and I could hardly see.

Avoiding texts, running away from the thought of you.

I could not bear it.

I didn't want to see a changed version of a person I've known forever.

I wasn't ready.

Burning in a fire of denial,

Breathing in the embers of charcoal lies.

I wanted things to stay the same.

I wanted to keep floating through the days, not having to think.

After all, there was enough on my plate.

Still, I finally realized that this feeling is heartfelt.

I don't know when I knew.

I tried to hide from it, but the truth never disappears.

Still...I was too late.

When I finally found acceptance, it was gone.

It didn't matter anymore.

You had moved on, and now I stand still.

How can I tell everyone now?

It's over now,

So let me hide it away.

I wish I knew that these thoughts were born with sincerity.

I should've been honest with myself,

But I was scared.

I'll be more careful next time.

Still, I can't leave you behind...

Still, I can't leave you behind... but you can leave me.

It's okay.

I need to let go, even if that means letting you float away.

Thanks for helping me change.

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