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I want to matter. It feels so selfish, and yet it still plagues my heart.

I Am Words

I want to matter.

It feels so selfish, and yet it still plagues my heart.

I promised myself I'd stop lying, that I'd finally let the true me show.

However, it's hard to keep promises that result in losing everything.

Everything I am isn't real.

I'm different to everyone, all for one reason:

I want to belong.

I want to be someone to them.

I want to be the person to make them laugh, the person to come to for advice.

I am so terrified of being left alone.

Spending my whole life pleasing them, convincing myself that it's the only way to keep people around.

I feel like such a burden,

And yet I can't let go.

I won't let anyone go.

I'll stay a few feet behind, watching people pass from a distance, rushing to keep up.

I want to belong by their sides.

So, the lies slip off my tongue so quickly that even I believe them.

Please, let me matter to you.

It seems I'm forgettable, and no one remembers my name.

I want to remain in someone's memory.

Should I have to constantly work to keep people around?

Should simply being me be enough to fit in?

...While this all sounds rather gloomy,

There is only one place I truly belong.


To everyone reading, I am simply words dancing across a screen, a faceless person with a keyboard.

So, thank you.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for letting me belong.

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