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I stand, facing him. A figure of darkness.


I stand, facing him.

A figure of darkness.

He seems to be made of gray static, a man without a face.

Towering over me, I sense him taunting me.

Still, I stand my ground.

Despite the dirt on my clothes, despite the tears running down my face,

I still stand my ground.

Sensing my resistance, my opponent begins to whisper.

"You will amount to nothing," he says.

"You are worthless," he says.

"You are a waste of space," he says.

His words pierce through my armor, going through my defenses and into my heart.

I fall to my knees.

I wait for my opponent to take me away, to absorb me in darkness.

As his darkness begins to surround me, other faceless figures appear.

However, these ones aren't scary.

They aren't made of darkness.

They are glowing with vibrant, beautiful colors,

Radiating power.

Suddenly, light surrounds me, light that isn't my own.

I'm lifted to my feet, my wounds healed.

I turn to look at my saviors,

But they are already gone, disappearing as quickly as they had arrived.

I understand why they must leave.

In the end, I must face my opponent alone.

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