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Pretty much a response to “my day”. Enjoy! (Don’t spam me)

Your Day

Many people in this world have differing opinions and vast differences but by ridiculing or hating them for this decision is not the way to solve it.

Others shouldn't share chats, hate on others, or disregard them. In a way, I am on both sides. If you do not like seeing memes on commaful think about unfollowing anyone that posts them.

If someone is hating on you or sharing chats, simply report or block them. This community is a safe haven for many. Young and old. Others may come here for writing more than others.

I know I came here for writing, but once I saw the vast community it was created with I expanded my horizons.

Maybe post a few memes now and then for fun, do some Q&A things to let people know me better, promote a group I want others to join.

This site is not worsening from others posting things you deem unworthy. This site falls apart each time you repost a story that goes against others or when you make hate posts.

Hate posts are the unworthy pieces on here. If you have a problem with the community speak to a member, not us.

We clearly didn't listen the first time, why would we now?

I may lose followers for this, which yes is quite disappointing, but if it ends up helping people then I have accomplished what I was working towards.

Many people left when this "issue" was first discussed so with the reposts it's getting it is just bringing back angry thoughts and less users.

The people who post memes aren't trying to make this place fall apart. You can't accuse someone of such a thing with no factual evidence. Posting memes is not tearing anything apart.

It lets people laugh. One day you will notice that you are not helping, just worsening the experience for others. This is not meant to offend anyone and I am not trying to call anyone out.

Please be mindful.

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