Toga x Reader (Pt. Two)
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Ooh! 😯 what’s gonna happen? Female readers! You can still read if male but oh well. Alcohol is in this episode!

Toga x Reader (Pt. Two)

It had been a long week of training and preparing for the camp you were to go to but it was worth it once you saw the sleek exterior of the modern looking camp.

"Alright everybody, the teachers cabin is over there and I will be giving the room keys to our class rep, Iida. You guys all sort out the room arrangements and get some rest.

We have a lot of training for tomorrow." Aizawa said to the class as he threw their bags out of the bus and onto the dirt path that led to the cabins.

After Aizawa left Iida began a somewhat speech, "alright everyone, Aizawa has trusted me to give everyone keys to their cabins and now we will sort those out.

First, the smaller group of girls will go in cab-" Denki cut him off, "Alright guys, We have an amazing opportunity here! Let's all just mix it up!

" He snatches the keys and lays them out on the table. You get a cabin with Ochaco Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, Mina Ashido, and Kyoka Jiro.

You notice Iida looking grumpy about the arrangements but he slowly starts to lighten up as he talks with the broccoli you saw from earlier. Everyone grabs their bags and head off.

"So ladies, who's ready for a little fun?" Jiro asks, pulling out a bottle of champagne and a bunch of beers out of her bag upon entering the cabin.

"Well, ribbit, I guess I could use a drink right now but don't you think we should invite the others, ribbit?

" Asui asked taking a can of beer, "yeah! We should invite the boys! We could play spin the bottle!

" Uraraka exclaimed, "that sounds good to me," Ashido and Jiro agreed then looked over to you, "so what do you think, Y/N?

" You look at the girls who all seem excited for some fun and nod your head, "sounds great! Let's get this party started!"

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