Toga x Reader (Pt. One)
Toga x Reader (Pt. One) smut stories

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This is for female readers. You can still read it if you’re a boy but yeah. Also this series will get smut.

Toga x Reader (Pt. One)

It had been a long trip to get here. You were finally at UA and couldn't wait to be apart of the school you had heard so much about.

Your parents always rooted for you on your way here and showed you how proud of you they were and still are.

Without them it would be pretty hard but it was like a dream living alone at 16, all expenses paid.

Your parents had let you move to Musutafu, Shizuoka, Japan without the so you could pursue your dreams of becoming a pro.

You got an apartment your parents paid for but you still had to work a side-job to pay for clothes, hygiene, and food. You were still quite thankful for this though.

As you walked up the marble stairs of the school you felt a hand on your shoulder, "hey there man! You must be Y/N! I'm Kirishima!

" A spiky red headed boy said, "hi there, it's nice to meet you Kirishima." You walked together to class and learned more about him and his boyfriend Katsuki Bakugou.

As you entered the classroom you see your teacher curled up on the floor in a yellow sleeping bag, you stifle a laugh as you take your seat and continue to chat with your new classmates,

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING DEKU?!" a blonde haired boy yelled as he looked at a human broccoli .

Soon enough the teacher wakes and he talks groggily, "alright class, today we are going to be preparing for our camp trip" he paused and looked at us,

"it won't be like last time and we'll get dropped off at the cabins." Everyone looked excited but anxious. You were determined to prove yourself at camp and couldn't wait to go.

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