RIP Rosemary
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There’s been a major, at least to me, loss in my family. :(

RIP Rosemary

As you may know, i had two female Siamese rats. I posted pictures of them once. Juniper and Rosemary were in love and I considered them wives/ lesbians. They were too cute. Well... Rosemary died.

I am so torn from her death. She was my princess And still is. I miss her so much and I only found out she died this morning.

My dad texted my brother on our way to his house and asked if we had fed the rats.

My brother never fed the rats (something I found out today) And I decided to leave the feeding to Kade for that day since i had been taking care of the rats for the most part.

So Juniper got hungry... so hungry she mauled her lovers face. It's so horrible. I cant believe it happened. I found her body in a plastic bag in the trash. I was not letting her stay there.

So, I found a coffin to put her in, made a gravestone, and now after school today I am holding a memorial service and funeral for Rosemary.

She was my sweet little baby girl, my pet, my companion, and a light in my life. I hope she's doing well, and I'm so sorry for all the pain I caused her.

I believe its my fault since I didn't inform my brother that he needed to feed them. But its not fair that he just expected me to do everything. I love you Rosemary, RIP.

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