Love You Old School
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Old School

Love You Old School

I wanna love you old school, hopping into a buggy and driving up to a speaker while we watch a horror movie.

Go out to the roller dome and skate in the rinks till our parents call and tell us to come home.

Let's go out to a coney dog cafe and get served food by girls on roller skates as we wait in the car listening to the Beatles.

Go out late at night and drive for miles with no destination in mind, find a lake and go skinny dipping and yell out crazy sentences for the world to hear.

I want to make mixtapes for you and exchange music we can listen to on our walkmans. Maybe I was born in the wrong time, but maybe you'll spare me a dime to play some music in the jukebox.

I want to write love letters everyday and have to call you through a land line as I play with the cord.

Let's go to a music shoppe and find some records to play, go on a picnic date, and go on road trips to places we've never seen. I just want to love you old school.

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