In Deep Shi- I mean Space
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Recently my family died so I've been pretty messed up lately. I have a hot girlfriend, a talking snail, some random gay people,

In Deep Shi- I mean Space

Recently my family died so I've been pretty messed up lately.

I have a hot girlfriend, a talking snail, some random gay people,

and a few friends to distract me from our space capsule floating farther and farther away from our plant Zurnor after the invasion of... Cooties. Nah, I'm just playing with you.

We were invaded by a deadly disease that knocked out more than half the population. Hi I'm Rey, and my life is pretty shitty.

I'm a teenage butch who had to evacuate earth in the year 2020 due to a virus called Covid-19. We moved here and lived peacefully till 2040.

No I was not a actually alive during the evacuation but this one must have been just like the last. We grabbed our stuff like it was worth 10000 galactic coins and threw into space pods.

I packed all my clothes, my laptop, my notebooks, and some random junk I use all the time. I adjusted my space helmet and got loaded up into a pod with my friends and girlfriend.

This planet was deadly and we had to run. We picked up a couple of people on the way and headed off to Tervont to begin a new life. It would take a year with these weirdos up we did it.

Now I have this funny story to share! The first month went by fast and we were altering autopilot to say weird crap like fart ass or okay boomer when we hit a floating dude.

By friend tethered out and found a few granola bars and a months worth of food rations in a book bag he was wearing. We pulled him in and took of his helmet.

"Hey bro! You alive!" My friend yelled as he slapped the guy across the face. No response, "check his pulse god damnit" somebody said.

A girl named Sheila reached her hand out and placed it on the guys neck, "yep, there's a pulse." She said slapping him again.

We all just looked at each other wondering what to do when suddenly he opened his eyes and said, "what the duck is up Kyle?" We looked at him obviously confused and asked him if he meant fuck.

He said he meant duck. After getting this guy, who's name is Kyle, we got back to our lame shit and groove on until somehow Kyle got to an outlet and stuck a fork in it.

"What the hell is your problem dude?" A guy named Richard asked. Kyle started at us with a fork in his head and twitched slightly. This guy was trouble.

After a few months with these dude we got fed up with his shit and threw him in the spare cargo carrier designated for animals. But nothing stopped Kyle.

He kept tearing up the cushions and yelling at night. We shut him up by threatening to throw him off.

We were only a week away from getting to Tervont when we faced another predicament, Kyle was actually an alien. We threw him out after that and never saw him again. I hated that guy.

He always stared at my stomach for some reason. (Alien reference). When we landed on Tervont I almost fainted. We didn't need helmets or suits.

There was three moons and it was a good distance from the sun. There was grass and plants and a bunch of animals.bunkers were already set up and towns were built.

And then a tidal wave hit and we all died. I'm a ghost that lives in your closet. Later.

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