Green Eyes
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Green Eyes

Her eyes. God her eyes. They were beautiful, like emeralds staring into my soul while her short red hair complimented her pale face plastered with freckles.

Her lips, full and soft with butterscotch chapstick spread across them. Whenever she saw me her smile grew bigger. Her teeth shining white with a gap in her front teeth.

Her little flaws made her so much prettier. Her hugs were like dreams. If I could choose to be in her arms forever I would. Her body was perfect.

Her thighs and up were thick and her stomach was flat with a slight pudge. Her chest had a medium size and she always wore sweaters and baggy tshirts.

Her legs long and her fingers spiny and thin. Her hands looked like magic. Her breath always smelled like flowers and her hair like pine trees.

She had a personality so unique that no one could compare to her. She had a high IQ and loved to read and write. Art and music were other hobbies of hers but what she loved the most was nature.

She was curious and loving. My basic blue eyes and medium blonde hair could never be good enough for her yet I still hoped I could be with her.

My body is not a temple and is far away from perfect. I could watch her all day and her presence made me happy. Her hands were soft and when she held mine I felt complete.

Her body fit perfectly with mine. One day I hoped to make her mine.

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