An Unlikely Love Story (Pt. 4) EPILOGUE
An Unlikely Love Story (Pt. 4)
EPILOGUE  an unlikely love story stories
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So here’s the end of the series... If you guys reallyyyyyyyy want more I may make an extra short story...Enjoy!
Thinking about maybe getting Ava a job offer as a detective...and she has to solve a murder Marilyn committed?

An Unlikely Love Story (Pt. 4) EPILOGUE

An Unlikely Love Story (Pt. 4) EPILOGUE

Ava drank her coffee watching Marilyn sharpen her axe and packing the essentials for the hike. Just before Marilyn left Ava pulled her in for a deep kiss and sent her off, breathless.

Marilyn dragged the axe to the edge of the forest and packed it into her duffel bag and met up with the neighbor who invited her, "hey there, mArY" he said in a southern accent, "hey Tom,

" Marilyn replied with a little wave, " still gay? If pants have room for you..." Marilyn looked at him and nodded slowly clearly disgusted, "heh heh, still gay...

" she gripped the bag and started the hike, "so you all alone?

" Tom inquired fingering his back pocket, "yep it's just me up here," Marilyn replied getting uncomfortable, being far from the cabins already.

Little did she know Tom had birth control in his pocket, he was waiting for a chance to rip her out of her running tights.

As they got to the top Tom grabbed her arm after taking his belt off and unbuttoning his jeans.

He tied her arms behind her back and slid the pants off as she kicked and squealed, "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!" she wailed kicking her legs at him.

He took off her underwear and slid down his boxers, "girly, you know you want to feel a rod like mine in you," Tom hissed as he put a pill in Marilyns mouth and stuck himself inside her vagina.

She gasped and tried to get out of his grip, "T-to-ooom...GET..THE...FUCK....OFF!" Tom covered her mouth and kept going fast and hard.

She cried as it happened and heard his moans as he continued to hurt her. She felt as he cummed inside of her and she screamed.

She found some deep hidden strength and broke the ties around her wrists and knees Tom in the chin. After pulling up her pants she grabs the duffel bag and unzips it, taking out her axe.

Tom holds his jaw and looks up to Marilyn. "Say fucking goodbye you ignorant bastard," she is holding the axe above her head, and swings down.

The blade slices through his stomach and blood pools out of his mouth, "you liked it though..." he had the audacity to mute those as his last words and Marilyn slashed him harder, killing him.

As she washes the axe and her clothes in a creek she burns his hair, grinds his bones and burns them, chums his flesh and guts and tries to fish with it, catching a few bass.

She then redressed and took the fish back for dinner with a dirty conscience.

Ava welcomes her home and saw the fish, "aw! You got us food!" Marilyn smiled, "yeah, after getting rid of his body I chummed the water, but I need t o talk to you.

" Avas smile went away and turned serious, she went into the bedroom with Marilyn and listened to her story, "that bastard.

" Ava said while Marilyn begins to cry, "I'm so sorry baby, I didn't know it was gonna happen," Ava looks her in the eyes and says, " Mary, you don't need to apologize.

If it's anyone's fault it's mine or Toms. He raped you, I had you go out to kill him." They held hands and cuddled for a bit.

Marilyn went to take a hot shower while Ava cooked the fish and made waffle fries to put on the side. They enjoyed their dinner by the fire they burned with Toms old clothes and wood.

They stayed up writing down the details of the murder into her book. And crawled into bed wearing nothing but a smile, sliding her hand into Ava as she lets out moans, "ooo-oh ma-ry.

" As they love the night away.


Marilyn had just finished her Group therapy session to cope with her rape. She arrived home to a large dinner and an anniversary gift.

"Aww! It's amazing!" Marilyn said as she opened up the present to reveal a pocket knife embroidered with gold and an oak handle, their names in the blade with a case painted with violets.

Marilyn handed Avas gift to her and her eyes began to water when she opened it, "oh my god Mary...

"I thought after publishing 'No Mans Bride' maybe you would want to be mine". Marilyn said blushing, "I love you Marilyn, I love you so fucking much," Ava exclaimed as they ate their dinner.

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