An Unlikely Love Story (Pt. 2)
An Unlikely Love Story (Pt. 2) an unlikely love story stories

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Part Twooooo! Sorry for the cliffhanger but...I’m mean.

An Unlikely Love Story (Pt. 2)

Ava and Marilyn were at home one evening celebrating their 2 year anniversary solemnly away from other people.


The girls had just finished watching "SiX the musical" when Marilyn went into the kitchen and pulled out her butchers knife, "hey babe! You want steak or burgers?

" "Steak please!" Ava replied browsing through the movies until she found IT: Chapter 2.

Marilyn headed outside with a package of steak (idfk how u get steak) and laid it out on their grill, sharpening her knife.

She seasoned the steaks with salt and pepper and other seasonings that you put on steak.

She placed the juicy, large, red steaks on a platter and went inside as she passed Ava she patted her head lightly. "Ava, foods ready," Marilyn called from the kitchen.

Ava walked into the kitchen and suddenly Marilyn held up her knife and, slash, the knife is covered in red.

"Here I cut up yours for you," Marilyn says while washing the knife and putting it away, "thanks!" They ate over a candlelight and finished the night with "watching" IT: Chapter 2.

(Get it? Like they aren't actually watching it? They're doing the do...)

The next morning Ava pulled out her laptop and opened up a docs labeled, "Silent Stalker".

She had been working on a new crime/horror novel and started writing, "Hey Marilyn! I'm not so sure if this could work.

" Ava stares at the murder scene she just wrote, not feeling quite confident of its likeness, "hang on babe" Marilyn replied and kissed Ava on the forehead while walking out.

Ava heard one of the drawers in the kitchen open and the front door opening and closing again.

A while later Marilyn returns, washes something, and comes into the room, smelling suspiciously of blood, "hey baby, it works.

You're doing great," Ava looks up at Marilyn and smiles, "I love that smell on you Mary." And gets out of her chair with her arms wrapped around Marilyn.

They dance around to the bed while Avas bare legs brush against Marilyns as they lay down while Marilyn stokes Avas back and Ava looks into Marilyns eyes.

"Babe, I know," Ava says, "you know what?" Marilyn asks freezing. Ava leans in and whispers, "I know you're a killer." Then lays her head back down with a satisfied smile.

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