🌸🎮 vIdEo GaMeS 🎮🌸 (Songs Are Stories)
🌸🎮 vIdEo GaMeS 🎮🌸   (Songs Are Stories) songs are stories stories

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Another songs are stories! This is Videogames by Lana Del Rey.

🌸🎮 vIdEo GaMeS 🎮🌸 (Songs Are Stories)

You love me and I love you. Your arms wrap around me yet you always play these video games. We can see our friend falling in love. We play video games, but I know it's you.

You are my heaven and you complete me and make us two. Whenever you come over, you will whistle my name and I stand there in your favorite sundress.

You open up your beer, sometimes I feel like you don't think I'm here anymore but I just let you play your video games.

I'm always prepared for you to come over, even though every time you do your hands are on the controller. I put on your favorite perfume.

You're watching me undress ready to get your hands on me. You ride in your fast car we're all over the place. I lean in for a kiss then you go and play the video games yet it's still for you.

Heaven is here when I'm with you. I heard you like bad girls, is it true? I know that it's you and heaven is you and hearing what you like about bad girls makes me wanna change for you.

You always say you only wanna live is someone is loving you so now my job is to be here. I do it for you and I love you but you go and play those games without me. I do this all for you.

Yet our relationship is better then I ever knew. Just tell me what you want to do and we'll do it.

Cause now someone is loving you and my life is better now even though you always play those video games...

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