👶 🍼 CrYbAbY 🍼👶 (Songs Are Stories)
👶 🍼 CrYbAbY 🍼👶   (Songs Are Stories) songs are stories stories

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The first part of my new series, Song Are Stories. Based off the song “Crybaby” by Melanie Martinez.

👶 🍼 CrYbAbY 🍼👶 (Songs Are Stories)

You grew up alone, no one understanding what YOU needed.

You cry and they call you sensitive, you laugh they call you obnoxious, you stay silent they call you troubled, you talk they call you annoying. You never fit in right.

You think too much and your heart gets the best of you. Everything makes you crumble and you cry before you can explain. Your eyes are a faucet.

Your mother says your heart is just too big for your body trying to make you feel better.

As you get older the teasing, "crybaby, crybaby, crybaby" is just childish and you realize you no longer care. No matter, they come back. The handle becomes loose and the tears fall faster.

They all see you tear up and crybaby is reawakened yet you don't fucking care about what they think. You try to laugh at yourself through the tears.

Your mother is always there for you she knows how you feel. You remind her of herself, she was crybaby. You drown out the noises of the world, pain, and suffering. Crybaby.

Based on the original song by Melanie Martinez Omg the eyes are perfectly aligned so the dots of the i are on her eyes...XD

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