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River: The Journey Of Life


Caught in the current I am dreaming I am drowning

In the shallow waters of life I refuse to swim

I refuse to swim

It is childish, I know

I am inconsequential to the mindless spinning of the rest of world

I am a stubborn rock in the river Turning slowly into dust

I said I wish things were never the same

I was wrong

I wish I was wrong

No one is ever the same in this world

No one wants to change

We trace the same path Over and over again We drill grooves in the earth But still, we forget

We lose our way

It is merely futile to fight Futile to pretend that you are going where you want to go Swimming where the river goes

You don't know the way back home

In the end, I will find you I say this from the bottom of my will to live

Death is not the dream we chase

It is the endless sea that engulfs us all At night

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