The seven deadly sins
The seven deadly sins pride stories
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I would really appreciate if you all let me k

The seven deadly sins

I had pride in myself

For I was merely strong

I knew my end goals

Knew where I really belong

For power I had lust

Truthfully who doesn't

I wasn't ashamed of that

Didn't require judgement

I wanted to consume more

Knew the sign of gluttony

But just couldn't be bored

Was petrified of monotony

I wanted to have more

It was not actually greed

I didn't want to be poor

Didn't want to be in need

I did not want to work

For that I wasn't a sloth

I had people doing that

This was merely growth

I simply want to be best

That is only why I envy

Wanted myself to rule

To be really extraordinary

Yet you don't understand

For that face my wrath

I won't let anyone stand

On my successful path

Oh my what have I done

Committed the seven sins

It is high time with morality

I cut off all wicked my strings

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