Zootopia Addressed Discrimination in America with Talking Animals

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Zootopia Addressed Discrimination in America with Talking Animals

by wong


Obligatory spoiler alert so you guys don't rip me to shreds in the comment box.

Zootopia: The Melting Pot

The movie shows a categorization of animals into two groups: prey and predator. The city of Zootopia is depicted as a city where prey and predators live in harmony.

Inequality and Discrimination

Judy is discouraged to join the police force because she's a prey & therefore incompetent. She has to train twice as hard to compete against her classmates & still given low level assignments

Nick is denied service at the ice-cream parlor because of his specie's history of being criminals. The stereotypes only made him continue to be a criminal because he accepted his fate as a fox

In America...

Many minorities are turned away and discouraged from jobs due to stereotypes associated with their race. They have to work harder to get the same opportunities and defy the stereotypes.

Framing the Predators

The assistant mayor knew that if she could prejudice prey against the predator community by playing into existing stereotypes, the majority of animals would be easier to manipulate.

Media Manipulation

The media depicts predators as violent animals and can't be trusted. As a result, predators are denied jobs, demoted from positions of influence and treated like menaces to society.

In America...

CIA deliberately introduce crack cocaine into minority communities in the 1970s. The destruction of black neighborhoods made it easier for political leaders to dismiss them as “crack babies" etc

But Things Can Change

Judy found the root of the drug epidemic and addressed the problem, letting the prey and predators live in harmony once again.

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sueCommabassadori'm strong
a year agoReply
best movie ever!!! great post

a year agoReply
Wow - this is amazing and says exactly what I thought when I watched the movie! Thanks for an awesome article.

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
yesss @silvia and i loved this movie haha. so many key messages and also fantastically hilarious

a year agoReply
@wong - awesome post! @sydney and I watched the movie yesterday and were discussing specifically this topic. Amazing how Zootopia delivers a key message to not only kids but adults :)