What I've learned from moving to California at 18

wongAspiring dog owner
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I took the leap, and tripped a few times.

What I've learned from moving to California at 18

by wong

In June of 2015, I turned 18

I didn't do well in high school and didn't get into a lot of my dream colleges. I decided to leave Canada and move to California alone to pursue my clothing business. It was tough, but worth it.

1. It's really really really expensive

It's obvious, but there were a lot of costs that I didn't considered before I made the move. Moving to a place where you have nothing means more expenses to fulfil those necessities.

2. Your new friend probably won't be a good roommate

People tell horror stories of their best friends being the world's worst college dormmate, this could happen when renting a place with your new friend as well. Live alone first & see how it goes

3. School clubs are the best places to meet new friends

I was nervous that I wasn't going to make any friends at first, but joining the school's car club helped me connect with other like minded people. Very soon I had a network of new friends.

4. Cooking is the most important skill to learn

I started watching youtube tutorials and trying out the new recipes for my favorite food. It's really satisfying to eat something that you've created from scratch.

5. Save time by cooking in bulk

I bought tupperwares and started making lunch and dinner in advance so I don't have to stress about cooking new food everyday. It's convenient and helps you spend the time on other things.

6. You should clean your place... like every 3 weeks

Truth be told, I never did chores at home. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and did all the work. I thought that apartments could stay clean forever. I'm wrong. Sorry mom!

7. Buy things in bulk if you can

I signed up for a Costco membership and started buying things in bulk. Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, yogurt, milk, etc. It's a lot cheaper and saves you extra trips to the store.

8. Costco has free food samples.. always

At one point my business didn't perform well so I went to Costco to eat lunch at the food sample stands. Chicken pot pie was my favorite and the drinks aren't bad either.


You're likely to spend more than usual because of the new environment and lifestyle. Make a spreadsheet of your monthly expense, your income, and adjust your spending if necessary


Things happens. If your bank account live on the edge, you need to transfer some funds to your savings account as a rainy day fund. Take 10-15% out of your income and put it into savings

11. You're going to miss home and home cooked food

I've always been distant from my parents and grew to be independent at a young age. Never thought I would miss home but I got hit by a brick of feels after leaving home. Call home often!

Did you move out too? Tell me about your experience below!

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lisaSilver CommaCats
a year agoReply
Missing home cooked meals.....sooooooo trueeeee

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
@silvia you should share your story about your big move :) it's a good one!

wongBronze CommaAspiring dog owner
a year agoReply
@silva I've always been quite independent and was distant from them so moving out wasn't that surprising to them. I guess they're happy that I took the big step out into adulthood but like most parents they would be concerned for my safety and what not

a year agoReply
@wong - What was your parents' reaction when you told them you were moving out?

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
Cooking.....so true......ahhh and like doing everything in bulk lol