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wonderingaqua11 Reflections, Realizations & Randomness
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Unraveling the mystery of the soul journey through eyes. One eye sees,
and the other feels, sometimes
expressing more than words can ever say


And then his eyes glanced through those GATE to access something he should not see

But such are the pangs of so called FATE, Spares no one, when meant to be

Silent explosion within. No one realizes then, except the universe

something within shifted with that beautiful immerse

he later finds that he is no more the same

life was no longer a chasing game

Realizing that behind the most beautiful eyes

deeper and darker secrets lies

Truly the eye is the only but a window to the soul

as if hiding mysterious worlds within was its goal

It reflected more than words could every say

and yet it stole all his words away

And he just stood there saying nothing at all

smiling like a fool at this random life call

She said something to keep things concealed

forgetting that eyes speaks all that to be revealed

May be the souls exchanged something

Bringing to life, all those dormant everything

No wonder they say eye contact is dangerous

That's how a soul catches fire, making one amorous

My heart still sighs, damn those mysterious eyes!

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