So Why Don't You Just Do It?
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wolf_hunter Why am I still here?
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So Why Don't You Just Do It?

Sadness like a cancer grows. So obvious, but no one knows.

In a room, people surround me. I reach out, hoping, praying someone will reach out and fix my heart. But instead of fixing it, they step on it and crush it to dust.

I can't let them see though. Just keep hoping, and have faith in humanity. Faith that people still care. But hope and faith are deadly.

They both keep me believing that someone cares. But who cares about someone so dark? Nobody.

Slowly, they kill me. Day by day. Nobody even cares to look. It's so obvious. But why doesn't any body do anything?

I curl up in a corner. I cover myself in darkness. "This what they want." "They don't want you here." "They hate you."

Darkness is my biggest fear. But it's ironic, because it's also my biggest comfort. It doesn't judge me or tells me who to be. It accepts me, and shelters me.

I used to hate darkness. I used to seek light. But how can there be any light, when there is nothing?

No love. No trust, hope or faith. Nothing.

It's like you're surrounded by a large body of water. No land in sight. So you just sit there. Hoping and praying that someone finds you, and takes care of you. But no one comes. So you sit helplessly and await your death.

You sit and wonder if there is a purpose anymore. Why bother to keep going? Nobody notices. Nobody cares. So what's the point?

Let me tell you one thing, when you can't come up with even one answer to that question, there is no point. There is no point in putting in the effort to fight when nobody cares.

So why don't you just do it?

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