Price to Pay.
Price to Pay. regret stories

woah22222 Just writing to write so I can write.
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I made a mistake. I do not deserve any mercy. I am prepared to die as prison takes me away. It was my my price to pay. And I am sorry to the family for causing them so much pain.

Price to Pay.

Rotting in prison is not fun let me tell you,

Days on end, starvation was my best friend. Tiredness was my welcome visitor. Death was my refuge.

Blood dripping all over the floor from my mouth, Because my body was to ill To hold it anymore.

Red is all you see,

Mind broken beyond describable agony. From the moment I was judged guilty. Life sentence was my punishment.

Hopefully preparing for the inevitable

I ask myself, Death, when will you come? Take me away. My time has come. For this suffering to be done. It’s been years. I’m old and ill. Ready for this pain to still.

Once I enjoyed having a family,

Being able to eat at the table stuffing my face with endless delights. Laughter all over the room.

Share endless fairytales I learned in my childhood that used to bring me quite a surprise to me.

But a man bloody and broken after a mistake he has made has no right to those

Life treasures that could have come my way.

They left me.

Disappeared like a rainbow after a rainstorm.

By betrayal, they were taken,

By force, I was stolen.

That was the deal like they told me,

But I was to naive to listen,

Did not take heed,

I deserve what's coming.

I chose this route. I laid the foundation to my death from the very beginning. It has come to take what is due.

And now it is my price to pay.

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