Every step counts
Every step counts dream stories
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woah22222 Just writing to write so I can write.
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Every step means something in life. What made you as you are today took steps.

Every step counts

Standing here

As the rain penetrates my face

Ground soaking wet

No clue what is going on

Looking straight in front of me

Can't see a thing,

But water and heavy fog that covers the landscape.

Barely can take a step

Each foot heavy as a brick

But If I push enough

My body can slowly do its stuff

I notice my step is revealing a

Scene as I look down ?

Step one

The day I was born

Is the day my mother seen me with love for the first time.

Step Two

First language I learned

My first word was spoken

Third step

School is in session

Friendships are formed up to graduation

Fourth step

Love of my life

Married until death do us apart

Fifth step

Kids of our own

Taking care of us as we grow old

Final step

Solid mirror appears in front of me

Showing my face on its surface

Mirror begins to split

Opening a dark pathway out of this endless fog

Gushing me as the mirror shuts

Next moment

I woke up

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