Endless, Helpless
Endless, Helpless corona virus stories

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This corona virus takes a long time to get by. And it feels like we are helpless though we are making progress, it still feels like that.

Endless, Helpless

The vast amount of

time in a week,

is painful as it drags us down,

As we lose or gain to much sleep.

This virus,

trapping most of us indoor,

Not much jobs to keep us aboard.

After so much waiting,

After so much death is claiming.

It feels endless

It breaths helpless.



Two to three months or more we are told to sit inside

Times that by

168 hours =

10080 minutes =

604800 Seconds.

Not including the future in which:

it will still reside!


First couple weeks

China fails to contain

The coronavirus

That spreads into other countries domain

Second couple weeks

Death tolls begin rising exponentially

Governments begin ordering a locked down quarantine

3rd and 4 couple weeks to now

Places are shutting down

Workers are losing ground:

Citizens are drowning out!

Endless weeks of this virus,

Helpless to stop this crisis.

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